Blue Eleven | Consultancy services
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Blue Eleven Ventures

Consultancy Services

About Us

Blue Eleven provides consultancy services for new ventures. We know that creating strong and sustainable value for all stakeholders require holistic approach which help you to develop your startup.


Do you have an amazing team and a great idea but no funds? We will help you to write successful business plan and we will prepare you to meet the investors.

Our services include:

Preparation of teaser, pitch deck, financial model

Term sheet negotiation

Due diligence of areas such as product/ service, team, market, law and regulations

Strategy creation

We can also propose you alternative ways of fundraising and organize a meeting with investors we cooperate with.

Team building/ IT services

Do you have an idea and funds to start but you lack of a good team? We will help you to find the specialists in your field or we will create a customized product for you. We specialize in mobile app development and web development, among others, we can built professional minimum viable product in a short period of time.

Business consultancy

If your startup got stuck we know how to help your business become profitable.
In order to find out the root of the current situation we need to understand the forces, the laws, the principles that are going on. Detailed assessment and understanding all the impact points is everything. Blue Eleven Ventures provides expert business consultancy services, which drive growth, better control of spending and improve effectiveness of your business.


What is the biggest difficulty on the market where there are many startups, bunch of great ideas and excellent teams creating new ventures but only few of them get successful? Do you know what decide about success or failure? It is scope of different factors like innovative idea, excellent team, good timing or supportive investor. All these things are important but what you need to do in every kind of business is to sell yourself, sell your idea, product or services. No matter if you are in B2B or B2C business, reaching the largest audience possible is your goal.


Do you need advising in marketing? Our services in this field cover:

Developing a good strategic advertising campaign.

Commercial video production, which includes video ads, TV commercials, YouTube pre-roll ads, online advertisements, Facebook video ads and more.

Commercial photo shoot production.

Social media strategy.

Public relation - because getting good press coverage is a real art.



Blue Eleven Ltd 20-22 Wenlock Road London, N1 7GU United Kingdom

If you have any questions, please contact us by phone or email or via the contact form below.